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Heard of the human evolution?

We begin as a dot, then get bigger and faster as we grow. But after achieving all the growth we desire, we are also happy for a little unwind.

That’s Amu’s Academy of Bridal & Beauty for you.

Amu’s began as a little bridal boutique, doing just makeup services. Then we added a training academy for aspiring beauticians. Later, a pictures studio for those wanting to capture memorable images of the radiance that comes uniquely from our work. And before we knew it, we had transformed into a multi-level one-stop wedding services operation.

Today, we are a little boutique again. Only difference is we have 30 years of experience and achievements to our name, something not many in the trade have.

And what are those?

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Well, since our days as traveling beauticians making house calls in the ‘80s, we have strived for one thing: giving our customers more than they ask. This was the commitment that made Amu’s a household name shortly after its launch in ‘95. By early 2000, our reputation in the Indian wedding marketplace in Malaysia was such that at least one in five couples tying the knot would have heard of us or used our services at one time or another.The graduation ceremonies we staged each year for the beauticians who trained with us used to set the bar for other beauty schools. Malaysia’s First Lady, women cabinet ministers, and musical sensations such as Padmashree Hariharan and Bombay maestro Leslie Lewis were among guests who have graced those occasions.

The beauty programs at our academy were also certified by the Vocational Skills Unit of the Human Resources Ministry, adding to our brand recognition.

So, if you need to know, we have done it all. And although we are enjoying a little unwind now, we still have the ability to do what you need – and more.